Dry Age

Why Dry Age?

Dry aging meat is an old fashioned method of tenderizing meat through a natural process of allowing the cut to age in a moister-less environment. This process releases enzymes from within the meat itself, that causes a smooth buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture that you just won’t get with meat fresh off the shelf.

Pick your own cut or try one we've already aged for you.


Our dry aged locker allows you to age the meat of your choice to perfection. Your meat will be hung in our coolers to age for at least 30 days where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape.

We have multiple lockers both for reservation and for already aged cuts for sale. Just ask us about our dry age process when you stop in. If you’re not ready to reserve your own slot, then why not take home a pre-aged cut and see for yourself? 

Don't want a pre-aged cut? Rather pick your own?

Stop in and pick that perfect piece just for you.

Dry aging can be an expensive process when done at home. That’s why we’ve expanded our dry age locker inventory to better help meet the growing popularity of this fantastic process.

Ask our friendly staff about our availability the next time you come down and see us!